Cleaning Glass – What is the Best Glass Cleaner?

One of the hardest surfaces to clean is glass. There seems to always be an issue with streaks showing up even after you think you have it spotless. With that in mind, what is the best glass cleaner? I hear this question several times each week and my response is to use an aerosol foaming glass cleaner. Please note, if large areas such as those in a commercial building are to be cleaned, this would not be the correct product. In this case, a concentrated liquid would be the best product for the job.

By simply using what I consider to be the best glass cleaner in and by itself will not produce clean windows. You still have to know how to apply and what type of cleaning cloths to use to produce great results. There are many myths that vinegar and water or old newspapers work the best. However, from my seven years of experience in the cleaning industry, this is simply not the case. Vinegar is used to make pickles and old newspapers are for packing material.

I will stand by the fact that the best glass cleaner is the foaming cleaner in an aerosol can. This product will stick to the surface, loosen the grease, best glass cleaner grime and finger prints and with the correct microfiber cloth, can easily be wiped away leaving a sparkling clean surface.

Is there a trick to getting the glass clean and streak free? No, there really is not any “trick” to getting great results. The process to cleaning glass is simple. Spray a liberal amount of the foaming cleaner on the surface. There is no need to let it dwell as with other cleaning chemicals. Take a microfiber cloth, one similar to cleaning wipes used for eyeglasses, starting in one of the upper corners and wipe around all the edges. Next, using circular motions, wipe the rest of the surface.

Please note, if while you are wiping the glass and your cloth picks up dirt from the small flat surfaces that the glass is mounted in, you may need to wipe the glass a second time with a new clean cloth. If these surfaces are quite dirty, clean them first.

Once you have completed this operation, wipe in either a vertical or horizontal motion completing the glass cleaning process. The results, when using the best glass cleaner and the correct microfiber cloths will produce a crystal clean, streak free glass surface. Again, I want to say that this procedure and what I feel is the best glass cleaner, is for smaller areas such as mirrors, windows and glass doors that do not require commercial window cleaning equipment. If you are cleaning glass in your home or office, this is the way to produce crystal clear results.

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